Nouvelle Cinématique WAR à Leipzig

Nouvelle Cinématique WAR à Leipzig

Josh Drescher annonce que Mythic Entertainment va présenter la nouvelle bande annonce de Warhammer Online à la Games Convention de Leipzig qui se déroulera en Allemagne entre les 20 et 24 Août (dans deux semaines donc). AWESOME! ;)

La dernière lettre d'informations nous laisse un teaser assez court, à voir!

Jeff, Paul and I - along with Justin, Kate and a cast of other superstars - will be at the Games Convention in Leipzig the week after next. If you want to see the new, unbearably awesome cinematic, get on a plane and come see us there!

Jeff, Paul and I will be home for TWO WHOLE DAYS after Games Convention before heading to PAX. I’m really excited about this show because it’s THE big-deal fan event for our industry at this point and it’s basically the last major US event before we launch the game. I expect nothing short of total insanity from everyone who comes to see us.

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