Mark Jacobs annonce des éléments du prochain patch


Le Patron de Mythic passe sur les VNBoards pour annoncer quelques correctifs dans les prochains patchs pour Warhammer Online.


Well, considering how well we did with the last patch I would expect a certain amount of skepticism from you but here's a few highlights from next week's patch (not counting hot fixes or hot pockets):

1) Another round of CTD, general memory usage improvements and lag improvements.

2) A foray into the whole "AFKers in scenarios suck!" issue with some changes to the scenario code.

3) Introduction of exp. bonuses to people who create toons on population-challenged servers. This is the first of many steps to help keep the populations more balanced. As always, baby steps.

4) Another round of anti-spammer code going in. This should greatly limit their ability to bother you, that's my job.

5) We're looking at changing how the need/greed looting options work in scenarios only. We are thinking about disallowing the need option for people who can't use the item. Again, this is for scenarios only and I already know the argument "I need it for my alt" etc. and we are still thinking about it.

6) Correct the bug that prevent the correct number of guilds from joining an alliance.

Those are *some* of the highlights from next week's patch. If it goes as badly as the last one, feel free to say hi to me as I run screaming into the woods.


En somme, les modifications vont concerner les points suivants :

  • Amélioration de l'utilisation mémoire du PC, des problèmes de lags et CDT.
  • Modification de problèmes dans les scénarios concernant les gens AFK.
  • Bonus d'expérience pour ceux qui vont dans le royaume sous-peuplé sur un serveur afin d'aider à contrer les problèmes de sous-population. D'autres mesures pourraient suivre.
  • Introduction de code anti-spammer dans le jeu.
  • Modification hypothétique du "Besoin" / "Cupidité" en scénario pour les loots : ils pensent limiter le jet de besoin à ceux qui peuvent porter l'objet en question.
  • Correction du bug d'invitation de guildes dans les Alliances.

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