ZERG Inc !

Warhammer Online is a massively multi-player RvR game : what does it imply in the facts ?

Hords of players will fight each others for the conquest of the Tier zones, battle fields, keeps and so on, in order to run into the Capital citiies of their ancestral enemies…

RvR means Realm versus Realm. That is not at the player versus player (PvP) level anymore, nor at the Guild versus Guild (GvG) level : you have to place yourself at the ZERG level !

What is ZERG? : this is a massive group of players who are moving together from one point to another with an up and down movment with autonomy… They feel more confortable and confident when being packed together… We commonly call them : the BUSSES, the MASSES, the Imperial Cruisers…

They are frightening…



Why could there be some Zergs ?

  • Fear of being killed in chain in RvR by optimized teams, whenever going outside in full group?,
  • Some guilds have so much members that they like to play in zerg guild (that is their own choice and they are assuming it. However, I don't claim that all guilds like playing zerg),
  • That is easier and faster to take / claim some defended objectives or keeps,
  • The lack of mass crowd controls (zone CC) is not making easy the full group RvR roaming : EA Mythic told us that they didn't want big crowd controls (which last for a long period of time) like it used to be in DAoC,
  • When you meet a Bus, the only way to tear it in pieces, is to bring in friends in order to make a bigger and mightier Bus… Big bang!
  • If your Capital City is being under attack, then all the mighty guilds will have to work together throughout the Alliances of guilds in order to push the enemies back from their advanced positions.



The mass effects would depend on the following things :

  • the open RvR's constraints and the objectives given to players,
  • the player's interests for the Scenarios,
  • the number of huge crowd control spells that we will have at release,
  • the player's interests in playing solo, with the guild, or in zerg busses,
  • the number of optimized teams (will they succeed against the masses without having a lot of efficient zone CC?)
  • the sensibility of the new players who have never played RvR and who would hesitate in going RvR in little number…
  • the working of the RvR Campain,
  • the balance between server factions,
  • the presence of a charismatic leader in the realm.


Next are the questions which could come in mind :

  • How will RvR evolve in WAR ? Busses vs FIX Optimized Teams? Skill vs Zerg?
  • Will there be as much Zergs as we might think or every players will play in every RvR tier zones of the three Fronts?
  • What do you think about that?


Sondage! (coming soon)

06/30/2008 - Article written by Romeo Knight, WAR-JOL staff.

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