Paper, Stone, Scissors

Adam Gershowitz, the Combat and Careers Strike Team Lead, has recently talked about class balance into an interview led by our colleagues from MMORPG.COM.

So, that is not a balance where all classes are able to face every single classes, but it is however the balance between the game Archetypes (tanks, ranged DPS, melee DPS, healers). This work is very hard to achieve and is really an important item from the gameplay : it must be well built in order to be very appealing for the players.

Remember the kiddy games you used to play when you were younger : Stone (closed hand), Scissors (hand with scissor shapes), Paper (opened hand). That should look like this kind of game from what we heard from the EA Mythic's devs. If I open the hand after the end of the countdown 3...2...1...GO, then I would win over a closed fist (the paper will shape around the stone), but would loose against scissors (it would cut the paper off), etc.



In WAR, one of the Balance's aspects will remain upon this principle. The recent WAR-JOL's Poll about the people class choices, will now allow you to go further at the next stage : do you really know your future enemies? Don't waste time, read all the details about the carreers!

Tanks vs ALL

Melee DPS vs ALL

Ranged DPS vs ALL

Melee Healers vs ALL

Ranged Healers vs ALL

07/07/2008 - Article [Made in JOL] written by Romeo Knight, WAR-JOL staff.

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