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  • Paper, Stone, Scissors
    7 juillet 2008
    Adam Gershowitz, the Combat and Careers Strike Team Lead, has recently talked about class balance into an interview led by our colleagues from MMORPG.COM. So, that is not a balance where all classes are able to face every single classes... Lire la suite
  • ZERG Inc !
    30 juin 2008
    Warhammer Online is a massively multi-player RvR game : what does it imply in the facts ? Hords of players will fight each others for the conquest of the Tier zones, battle fields, keeps and so on, in order to run into the Capital... Lire la suite
  • Warhammer online, a new major actor in the MMORPG's history?
    21 juin 2008
    During the last week's Baltimore Gamesday 2008, we have been surprised to read this sentence : “They’re looking to compete with other MMOs by setting themselves apart with features — RvR, PQs, Tome of Knowledge — that no other MMO has.” Lire la suite
  • I am Legend
    16 mai 2008
       Since the MMOs have been created, every players were secretly dreaming of being admired, sought, cared for, cheered, challenged, decried, even hated by their colleagues. Indeed, who has never seen himself on the highest... Lire la suite
  • WAR Planning : Guild Beta, Open Beta, NDA Lift & WAR Release date?
    11 mai 2008
    NOTE : this article has originally been released on the 03/30/2008 on JeuxOnLine. But I (Romeo Knight) have decided to translate it into English (on the 05/10/2008) because it is still actuality. This article is based on interviews... Lire la suite
  • My Guild, My Everything !
    6 juillet 2008
    More than ten years ago, most of the games were delivering unique lonely gaming experiences. The different Heroic Fantasy RPG allowed young players to roam the whole country in the search of Glory and Treasures, using a virtual avatar... Lire la suite
  • Dungeons for Dummies
    30 avril 2008
    It was dark in this stinking cave with flawed smell. The flame of my torch wavered from left to right while a slight breath browsed the long corridors. Many legends haunted the country and we were told that in the past, human... Lire la suite
  • Gamesday 2008 : Paris (En)
    25 avril 2008
    The Games Day took place on Sunday April 20th 2008, in the gorgeous Stade de France. Naping in the presidential gallery was quite nice on this sunny day. However for the sandwichs' quality...well we won't talk about it. Oh... Lire la suite

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